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How Loud and Clear Communications exponentially grew their business with FlexPoint

We are a growing MSP so when it came to taking on bigger projects, cash flow was always a constraint. By partnering with FlexPoint, it allowed us to win a large project and we have since grown our business 10x.

A coffee shop franchisor approached us with an opportunity to outsource all of their IT hardware with us. We did not have the access to capital to procure any of the necessary hardware and were at risk of losing this project. That is when we partnered with FlexPoint.

Through FlexPoint we were able to beat much larger vendors as we were able to procure and install the hardware while offering lenient payment terms to our client. By partnering with FlexPoint, not only did we receive the capital needed to grow our business, but our clients now have an easy way to pay. Our cash flow has never been better and our business has grown 10x.

Patrick Kemp

Loud and Clear

How tekRESCUE improved their payment process and streamlined cash flow

Since implementing FlexPoint, we have significantly improved our payment process.

Prior to using FlexPoint, we did not have a secure portal for our customers to make payments, which often led to delays and the need for constant follow-ups.

With the introduction of FlexPoint, our customers now have access to a secure portal where they can conveniently make payments.

The automation features like AutoPay and past due reminders have made it incredibly easy for us to collect payments from our customers.

Juli Brinkley


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