Get paid securely and online, while maintaining the brand your clients trust

Offer your clients a real-time overview of their invoices with a branded client portal and get paid faster without compromising security


Securely Store Payment Methods

Stop collecting sensitive payment information over email or phone

Eliminate or reduce the burden of PCI Compliance

Card Account Updater automatically keeps card information current and prevent failed payments

Secure Checkout

Give your clients multiple payment options through a secure checkout experience

Leverage best-in-class solutions including Plaid to securely connect payment methods

A Branded Portal Your Client’s Can Trust

Your clients, your relationships. Your payment portal, your branding

A single place for clients to view and manage invoices, improving trust through transparency

Enable your clients to self service their billing

Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate passwords and their security vulnerabilities through passwordless authentication

Secure and convenient authentication process

The automation features like AutoPay and past due reminders have made it incredibly easy for us to collect payments from our customers

Juli Brinkley

FlexPoint is Built for You

A single solution to help your business simplify billing. No long term contracts necessary.

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