The ultimate platform to grow your business

Increase your clients’ purchasing power, access capital to grow your business, and eliminate payment processing fees

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One Click Financing For Your Clients

A fast and frictionless experience

Remove barriers to technology purchases

Increase your revenue by increasing your clients’ purchasing power

Working Capital Solutions For Your Business

Access capital to grow your business

Simple and transparent process

Reduce or eliminate payment processing fees

Obtain the lowest possible processing rates by leveraging level 2 & 3 card data

Eliminate credit card fees altogether through our surcharge functionality

Implement lower cost ACH payments

Knowledge and Insights

Gain valuable insights across your entire client base

Quickly identify and resolve failed payments

Pinpoint and resolve past due invoices

The lack of access to capital was a huge barrier to growth. By partnering with FlexPoint, not only did I receive the capital I needed to grow my business, but my clients now have an easy way to pay

Patrick Kemp

FlexPoint is Built for You

A single solution to help your business simplify billing. No long term contracts necessary.

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