The easiest way to put your cash flow on auto pilot

Increase the predictability of your cash flow and eliminate surprises through our powerful billing automation

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Create custom rules to automatically get paid on invoices

Increase the predictability of your cash flow

Set custom rules for all clients or specific rules for certain clients

Automated Reconciliation

Remove manual payment reconciliation between the tools you use

Eliminate the need to manually reconcile bank deposits

Easily view the details of your payment deposits

Fully Integrated

Connect accounting and PSA software to eliminate duplicate data entry

Seamlessly integrate into your existing tools

Save time through real-time sync

Real-Time Tracking

Always know where your money is and when you’ll get paid

Track every invoice, payment, and deposit

The automation features like AutoPay and past due reminders have made it incredibly easy for us to collect payments from our customers

Juli Brinkley

The lack of access to capital was a huge barrier to growth. By partnering with FlexPoint, not only did I receive the capital I needed to grow my business, but my clients now have an easy way to pay

Patrick Kemp

FlexPoint is Built for You

A single solution to help your business simplify billing. No long term contracts necessary.

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